Don Edwards was nominated for a Grammy in 2002 for his collaboration with Peter Rowan for High Lonesome Cowboy and played "Smoky" in Robert Redford's film "The Horse Whisperer". Don is an iconic performer at Cowboy Poetry Music festivals throughout the West, with a strong following. This documentary is for Don's fans as well as all the folks that have not been able to experience his rich storytelling and music.




It's been said the Old West died after the worst blizzard on record in 1887, that the cattle business died that year and took the cowboy with it. But did it really?

For a time, the legend of the cowboy was kept alive in dime novels and Wild West Shows featuring Buffalo Bill and Wild Bill Hickok. After these men faded into history, the popularity of Western culture seemed to go with them. Some believe the the West died with these men and the invention of barbwire (called the hatband of the devil).

Yet the West is still alive and kicking, living through the music of Don Edwards and many more cowboy singers and poets.