Don knows I respected him-he has a good memory. We did the Midnight on the Stormy Deep.We admired the song Goodbye Old Paint by Alan Lomax- he was a black cowboy who played the fiddle and sang. We thought it was cool-it was the mystical version.
— Peter Rowan
Don Edwards was probably one of the main reasons I got involved in the musical genre myself. I was with a band that did Sons of Pioneer cover songs in 1991 in Tucson, Arizona. And he was on the show and I was sitting in the back, about a thousand seat theater. From way back there...he just filled the stage. It was just him, just a man and his guitar and his voice. But it really grabbed a hold of me.
— Michael Fleming Director of Cowboy Festival Santa Clarita, CA
When I first saw Don, I had heard so much of him and thought so much of Gary who introduced me, we were standing over there by the convention doors and we just stood there for twenty minutes and visited, and I went whoa. He’s a nice guy as he is a talented guy (which doesn’t come along very often.
— Waddie Mitchell
Don Edwards, in my opinion is someone who Will Rogers would have had, if Will Rogers would have known him and had a party. Will Rogers would have said “I want that guy to sit on my patio, and I want that gentleman to play his guitar for me.”
— Jennifer Rogers Will Roger's great grandaughter